Genesis academy of Traditional Tae Kwon-Do beginner program provides an overview of all aspects of Traditional Tae Kwon-Do. Our focus is to provide practial training which will make the beginner confident in protecting theirself in any situation.Traditional tae Kwon-Do was proven on the streets and battle fields of  the Usa and numerous countries.

  Our martial arts classes teach self-defnse and build self confident indiviuals who are physically fit, can peacefully resolve conflict and have learned to set and achieve goals. considerable emphasis is also placed on muscle stretching, strengthening andcardiovascular fitness using safe, effective techniques. Whether this is your first step to black belt or simply a fun way to get so​me exercise, you will find this program challenging and fun.

Seniors, adults and children fitness programs

Boxing Classes are taught for , conditioning and traditional tae kwon-do which incorporates strikes, throws and grappling. as well as weapons defense. Classes focus more on real world situations.