Here at Genesis Academy of Traditional Tae Kwon-Do we believe in fun fitness that achieves real results.

Our classes are run by Tae Kwon-Do and Boxing experts with a combined experience of over 35 years in the industry.

We provide an environment where discipline is calibrated to the needs and personality of each individual. The students in our classes will learn the benefits of being assertive, courteous, attentive and confident. Our students are part of a family where participation is 100% guaranteed.

Our teaching style goes beyond the typical martiarts curriculum to incorporate lessons from logic, math, physics and street proven combat techniques.

Energetic, invigorating, fun and relaxed are adjectives regularly used to describe our classes. Come and be part of the energy that will make you strive towards your goal. You will learn how to defend yourself and very soon you will discover how easy and logical Tae Kwon-Do and Boxing is. Common sense does not always come naturally but, we will make it a part of you in ways you did not think possible
Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and will be enjoyed by all. Our facility has a full range of resistance programs, free weights and a great timetable of studio classes.

We also offer free on-site parking and a team of highly-qualified teachers to help you achieve your goals.

Every instructor is a certifide black belt ..coach, instructor, referee, has a love and are passionate about teaching Tae Kwon-Do. All the instructors are International level competitors and still compete. This is good because they are well versed with the new developments in the sport as well as the rules governing competition.

 Our boxing instructor is a Ma. licensed manager/trainer (renewed annually).